Welcome to Ammax Incorporated

Initially specializing in import, Ammax Incorporated has over 30 years experience of introducing unique products to Japan both online and in-store. Now, the company has grown to include Ammax's own original brands. Over the years of distribution we have had over 250 outlets and worked with many overseas luxurious brands.


  • From global to local


Ammax  distributes a variety of luxrious gift items that people in Japan might enjoy. Over the past two decades, we have imported products from all corners of the world, including Wales, Thailand, Ecuador, Australia, the US, Italy, Germany and more.
We carefully select distributors to make sure the brand image is well protected and maintained. Through numerous distribution outlets, Ammax can help introduce foreign items to over millions of people living in Japan. 



Our History

Founded in 1992 by Kenjiro Kasai, Ammax started with its office in Yokohama, Japan.The office was relocated to Yokosuka in Kanagawa Prefecture after the first decade. Since then, Ammax has expanded their outlets, accumulating up to 250 distributors and retailers.
In 2013, Ammax opened a retail store in Kamakura, Kanagawa. Furthermore, in 2024, Ammax opened another store in Kamakura in collaboration with BeLocal Japan. For more information about the stores, please visit the  official Ammax Store site. or  the Belocal Collection site.


Our Philosophy

With the ever-growing demand for online shopping and the growing number of items in the market, traditional high quality and unique brand images are becoming harder to maintain. There have been countless companies dumping unwanted stocks at low prices, depreciating the brand's and the market's overall value. Such an overflow of goods forces manufacturers to produce at even lower costs, leading to damage to the planet we inhabit.
At Ammax, we aim to deviate from such social trends. We want to provide the best quality products and maintain the images of unique and rare brands. We are confident to work carefully with brands to rebuild the market in Japan.